19 ene. 2017

Quote: Artificial Respiration by Ricardo Piglia + Reading updates

Artificial respiration
(Respiración artificial) by Ricardo Piglia


I've started to read this novel, and I'd realized that I forgot what was like to read latinamerican literature, or literary fiction for that matter.

I laughed with this quote that I read
in the first pages:

No-one ever did any good literature with family histories. Golden rule for those aspiring writers: if one lacks of imagination one has to be true to every detail.(1)

It's almost like a literary scolding that should be as screensaver in any electronic device of someone who believes itself a writer. There's nothing easier than taking out stuff from the family history drawer.

Well I wouldn't be as conclusive as the character who says this phrase, in the first place because I'm not as angry as he is, and in the second place, as a writer you cannot understimate a good story even if it comes from an easy source. Though I hold on to the thought that it's lame that a fiction story as a whole depends so much of a real one.

Back to the novel, have you read it? Do you remember a quote that made you laugh?

(1) "Nunca nadie hizo jamás buena literatura con historias familiares. Regla de oro para los escritores debutantes: si escasea la imaginación hay que ser fiel a los detalles", Ricardo Piglia, Respiración artificial, España, DeBolsillo, 2014, Kindle edition, loc. 62, para. 2.

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