13 ene. 2017

Review Upside-Down Magic by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins

Upside-Down Magic was a lovely story. I've enjoyed how the main character, called Nory, evolves her way of thinking and acting.

I've appreciated that this novel shows a diverse society and how people act when something is unknown.

I've also found interesting that the writting
reflects the conciousness and an internal dialogue between the voices which Nory is divided in, specially when she metamorphoses into animals... As well how smoothly this novel approaches kids to different intentions of the speech through the narrative.

 It's a nice story for kids from ages 7 to 10 who like fantasy. There are some deteails about the magic world it takes place in that build basic references to this paralallel world, specially those related to school and learning, how kids control magic.

 I've appreciated the well thought out vocabulary and also how the characters are clearly drawn.  

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Haven't you read it yet?

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